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  • Min Investment: N5,000
  • Max Investment: N1,000,000
  • Popular Inv: N50,000
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How do I know when my payment is confirmed by my paired mate

The notice on your portal will indicate that your payment has been verified by the person you were paired to pay to.

What if the person who was paired to make payment to me refuses to pay for any reason, what happens to my money?

After you has been paired to receive payment, your paired mate is given 24 hours to make payment to you, if he/she doesn't make payment within 24 hours, kindly click on the "REJECT" button to remove the person from your portal, and chat with us so that we will pair another investor to pay to you.

How long will it take for me to receive payment?

It take 10 days to receive payment when you make payment with Naira. To receive payment 5 days or less, you have to make payment with BITCOIN or Perfect Money. And you have to contact us before investing so we can guide you on how to pay with BITCOIN or PERFECT MONEY.

Am I allowed to run multiple accounts or Investment?

For a particular account or portal, you can only run 1 investment at a time. You have to complete a circle before reinvesting. If you however wish to run multiple accounts, you have to create another account with another email and bank details but you can use the same phone number.

What if I pay to someone and he refuses to CONFIRM my payment?

If you pay to someone and you also contacted them to inform them and after a couple of hours, they still don't confirm your payment, chat with us and the issue will be resolved immediately.