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  • Min Investment: N5,000
  • Max Investment: N1,000,000
  • Popular Inv: N50,000
what you need to know
Terms and Condition
1. Only invest your spare money.

2. You have 24 hours to make payment after you have been selected to make payment.

3. Your account will be SUSPENDED if you make false claim to the admin or our online representatives.

4. After specifying the amount you wish to invest, you will see it on your PORTAL and the STATUS of the investment will be "NEW". If you have been paired to make payment, the STATUS of the investment will change from "NEW" to "PENDING." If your payment has been confirmed, the STATUS will change from "PENDING" to "CONFIRMED." If you have been selected to receive payment, the STATUS will change from "CONFIRMED" to "COMPLETE." If you are not paired to make payment immediately after scpecifying how much you wish to INVEST, kindly exercise patience and refresh your PORTAL after 6 hours. Always contact us via chat to resolve a complaint.

5. It is also possible for the system to select up to 2 or 3 participants who will make payment to you. The total sum of money you will receive must be 150% the amount you invested. That is your capital plus half of it. Eg If you invest N5,000 you will receive N7,500

6. Always contact your pair mate(s) before making payment to them so that you will be sure your payment will be confirms soon enough.

6B. It is possible for the system to pair you to make payment to 2 users. Eg If you invest N500,000 the system can pair you to pay 1 user N250,000 and another user N250,000. If this happen, the N500,000 in your INVESTMENT TABLE will be split by the system, into N250,000 to 2 places.

The first N250,000 will be paired. After making payment, you then contact us on live chat or Whatsapp to pair the other part for payment.

This can happen for any amount, We only used N500,000 as an example.

7. Always make sure your phone is reachable while you are active on this platform, your account could be selected to make or receive payment anytime.

8. Always contact us as soon as something is wrong.

9. Always keep PROOF OF PAYMENT for each payment you make, this is used to solve problem should one arrise.

10. Beware of FAKE ALERTS! A real alert from your bank always include your balance. Always check out for this.

11. Quickly report any user who demonstrate a bad conduct on this platform and the case will be handled swiftly.

12. The admin of this community has the sole write to ADD, REMOVE, AND/OR EDIT any of the item(s) on this TERMS AND CONDITION.

13. Always make sure you have a means of transfering up to the amount you are investing from the comfort of your home, because the queue at the banking hall could be stressful and time consuming. If you are paying by cash deposit, do not use the DROP BOX, The recipient will not receive alert on time and this could delay payment confirmation.

14. If your account was SUSPENDED and you were not at fault. Or you thing the admin or our representatives were rather strict on your case, kindly contact us with full details of the activity that lead to the SUSPENTION of your account. You might be reconsidered.

15. Always make sure your bank alert system is active while you are active on this platform, or you have a way of checking your balance.

16. Do not be pressured to confirm a payment when you have not received an alert or confirmed your balance to make sure the money has arrived your bank account.

17. Quickly report any fraudulent activity by any participant to our representatives.

18. We hope that you will have a smooth ride through your investment and collection of your profit.

19. Good Luck!
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Faq / Frequently asked questions
How do I know when my payment is confirmed by my paired mate

The BLACK CHECK MARK on the green tab that contains the details of the pairing will turn GREEN when your payment has been verified by the person you were paired to pay to.

What if the person who was paired to make payment to me refuses to pay for any reason, what happens to my money?

After you has been paired to receive payment, your paired mate is given 24 hours to make payment to you, if he/she doesn't make payment before the timer count down to zero(0) the person will be removed from the system and you will be paired with another investor to pay to you.

What if I pay to someone and he refuses to CONFIRM my payment?

If you pay to someone and you also contacted them to inform them and after a couple of hours, they still don't confirm your payment, confirm the payment from your end and send him the prove that you made payment through the "CONFIRM" button on the GREEN tab that contains the details of the pairing, you can also click on the "MESSAGE" button on the same tab to communicate with them through this platform, if however, they still refuse to confirm your payment, kindly contact your UPLINER or our ONLINE SUPPORT TEAM via LIVE CHAT, WHATSAPP OR EMAIL, We respond to such complaint very fast.